Godzilla vs King Kong: When Does Warzone's Operation Monarch Start?

Image courtesy of Activision

Eager to check out Godzilla and King Kong in Call of Duty: Warzone? You might be wondering when Operation Monarch starts.

It's been rumored and teased for some time now. Godzilla and King Kong will finally be heading to Call of Duty in Warzone Season 3. Titled Classified Arms, the next season for the famed Battle Royale has been given the tagline 'the monster of all seasons,' and now we know why.

The announcement has left many fans wondering just how the two kaiju will be involved. Will players get to fight them? Will they be causing destruction in the background? Naturally, there's a lot of speculation in the air.

It's safe to say that Operation Monarch is going to be an interesting one, at least.

So, when do the monster festivities kick-off?

Operation Monarch Start Date: When Does Godzilla and King Kong Arrive in Warzone?

At the time of writing, Warzone's Operation Monarch event is set to start on May 11, at 9 a.m. PT. This is a few weeks after the start of the season which is set to begin on April 27.

According to the Call of Duty blog, alongside the two legendary monsters Operation Monarch will be introducing a new game mode for Quads "based on several classic experiences with a titan-sized twist."

In the run up to the event's launch, players should keep an eye out for ancient artifacts, Monarch Research equipment and tents, and some other exciting easter eggs.