Golden Muck Monster Hunter Rise: Everything You Need to Know

Golden Muck can be farmed from this dangerous monster.
Golden Muck can be farmed from this dangerous monster. / Photo Courtesy of Capcom

The Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise is a farmable material that is used in the crafting of various armors and weapons. It's a necessary resource for one armor set in particular, making it a fairly desirable resource. Here's everything you'll need to know about it.

Golden Muck Monster Hunter Rise: Everything You Need To Know

The Golden Muck is a specific material that is looted from the Almudron monster. The Almudron is a Leviathan class monster, meaning it's the top predator of its habitat. It's advisable that players get prepared before taking it on, it's not a creature to underestimate. It has the ability to control mud and create waves and platforms to its advantage, and it has a nasty tail whip too. It doesn't have many weaknesses to ailments, but the fireblight status effect is one of them. They can be found in the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, and Flooded Forest locations. So, once you find them, how can you collect golden muck from them?

Collecting Golden Muck From The Almudron

There are three ways to collect Golden Muck from the Almudron. The easiest way happens to be the most common. Just by fighting it, there's a 30% chance it'll drop one golden muck, and a 25% chance it'll drop two. If the player is hunting an Almadron for a target reward there's a 22% chance golden much will drop from defeating it. Meanwhile, if a player is hunting it as a capture reward, there's a 13% chance it'll drop from capturing it. Keep in mind, on high ranks it'll drop golden sludge instead of golden muck, and the two materials are not interchangeable. Make sure you've collected enough golden muck before advancing to higher ranks.

What Is Golden Muck Used For

Golden Muck is used to craft a variety of weapons and armor, such as the Origami Axe, Rath Flamesplitter II, and Sleepy Shellsword II. However, its most notable set it can craft is of course, the Almudron armor sets and weapons. If players want the Almurdron axes, hammers, or whatever else, they better be ready to grind for some golden muck.