Gotham Knights Legendary Salvage Guide

WB Games

Power level is a central theme when it comes to crafting with Legendary Salvage in Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights was released on Friday, Oct. 21 and was the new, highly anticipated game developed by WB Montréal. Taking place outside of the Arkham universe, it delves into the criminal underworld of Gotham City. Crafting items is one of the new mechanics that have never been seen before in any of Gotham City’s franchises. 

Players are able to choose from iconic members of the Batman family such as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin to protect the city. The new features in the action RPG include open-world gameplay and a dynamic and highly interactive map. 

Gotham Knights Legendary Salvage

Salvage is plentiful around the map in Gotham Knights. In order to get Legendary Loot, players must reach level 30. Afterward, they are able to find Legendary Salvage while completing challenges.

In the game, there are 15 different types of Salvage. These are found when defeating enemies, inside chests, and as rewards for completing challenges and quests.

Salvage is used to craft items and gear. Within the Crafting menu under the Gear tab, you are able to view the factions that are known to drop the various types of loot by placing your cursor over any of the salvage types.