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Gotham Knights Talon Cache Locations Listed

Warner Bros. Games

Gotham Knights has been widely popular since its release on Friday, Oct. 21. As players engage in the game’s new mechanics, there have been questions surrounding where to find all of the Talon Caches. These carry secrets about the Court of Owls, the main enemy organization of the game. 

In a place outside of the Arkham universe and in the criminal underworld of Gotham City, players are able to choose from iconic members of the Batman family such as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin to go up against the Court of Owls. Developed by WB Montréal, the game features action RPG and open-world gameplay. 

Gotham Knights Talon Cache Locations

There are five Talon Cache locations in Gotham Knights. Alfred will alert a player when they are near a cache by saying, “Interesting. There’s an energy signature here that is abnormal. You may find something in the area.” Each cache will reward players with Nth metal and other materials. Scattered throughout the map, these might be difficult to find, so here are the places you are able to find them.

  • Southside District in Lower Gotham next to the shoreline of Ocran Chemicals
  • Financial District in Downtown Gotham northeast of Blackgate Island
  • Old Gotham region in Historic Gotham directly south of Gotham City Hall
  • Bowery of New Gotham near the large Falcone Residence tower
  • Near Gotham Heights in North Gotham in Gotham City University