Gothita Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Gothita Pokemon GO: How to catch the goth-inspired psychic-type
Gothita Pokemon GO: How to catch the goth-inspired psychic-type / Niantic Labs

Gothita Pokemon GO was only released recently into the game.

Niantic Labs has invested much time making sure its caught up with the mainstream games. Trainers have had the chance to participate in a variety of events this year from the remote GOFest to the brand new mega-September hitting live servers this month. Gothita, the goth-inspired first form of Gothitelle, was introduced during one of these events.

Gothita Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Gothita is a pure Psychic-type and the first form of its evolutionary family. As such, under the right conditions, it should be a common encounter. Trainers can find it exclusively at night in open areas, beaches, or during windy weather. It has a 50% capture rate with a 15% chance to flee with each encounter. Trainers can also hatch it from 5 km eggs.

Upon wild encounter, this Pokemon is most commonly sighted with around 800 CP. It is commonly used as a tier-one raid boss with near 3000 CP—lowered to around 600 CP on capture. Hatching Gothita typically results in around 500 CP.

Gothita is originally from the Unova region as part of Generation V. Its PokeDex number is 574. It was first introduced to the game during the Psychic Spectacular 2020 event on Mar. 27, 2020. It evolves into Gothorita and then Gothitelle with the use of 25 and 100 candies, respectively.

It has a CP ceiling of 951. Its attack stat is 98, defense is 112, stamina is 128, and hit points total is 113.