Granit Xhaka FIFA 23: Is His World Cup Stories Card in Packs?

FutSheriff, LeanDesign

Granit Xhaka FIFA 23 World Cup Stories card was leaked on Twitter by reputable community source FutSheriff back on Dec. 1 before the World Cup Stories promotion began.

World Cup Stories is the latest FIFA Ultimate Team promotion for the World Cup update. Arsenal and Swiss national team midfielder Granit Xhaka was apparently supposed to receive a card, according to FutSheriff. When his card wasn't released on Dec. 2 at 1 p.m. ET, fans assumed that his card would arrive the following Sunday with the mini-release.

The mini-release came and gone, but Xhaka's card was not released. As such, fans started to wonder if he would be an SBC at some point during World Cup Stories. Though, there's some in-game messaging that shows EA Sports might've messed up once again.

Granit Xhaka FIFA 23: Is His World Cup Stories Card in Packs?

In-game messaging released on Sunday, Dec. 4 for the World Cup Stories mini-release stated that four new items were added to packs for the duration of the promotion. Except the problem is that only three new items are in the game and packs. Those items are as follows:

  • Olivier Giroud - 87
  • Aymeric Laporte - 89
  • Yuto Nagatomo - 86

Some fans expect that EA Sports ended up messing up and Xhaka's new item was supposed to be in packs and now the developer won't add the card. Or, perhaps that was another item and Xhaka will still arrive as an SBC item sometime this week.

Whatever the case, FutSheriff hinted on Twitter that it was supposed to be the fourth promotional item in packs by highlighting the in-game messaging in a reply.

Fans hope EA Sports will at least address the issue on Twitter and that this card just doesn't fade away with the likes of FUTMAS Gabriel Jesus and Flashback Kylian Mbappe.