Grimer Weakness Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Grimer weakness in Pokemon GO includes psychic and ground-type moves
Grimer weakness in Pokemon GO includes psychic and ground-type moves / The Pokemon Company via Bulbapedia

Grimer weakness Pokemon GO is the same as it is in the mainstream games from Generation I.

Grimer is a pure poison-type from the Kanto region in the first generation. It is part of the original 151 with its number being 88. Also known as the Sludge Pokemon, it is best known for living in sewers among the muck and other toxic waste. Its slimy body can fit through any slim space. Grimer, along with its evolved form, Muk, has an Alolan form that gives it a secondary dark-typing.

Grimer evolves into Muk with the use of 50 candies in Pokemon GO.

Grimer Weakness Pokemon GO

Grimer has a CP ceiling of 1374, an attack stat of 135, defense of 90, and stamina of 190. Its maximum HP total is 162.

As a pure poison-type, Grimer is weakest to psychic and ground-type damage. It can be easily countered by any strong psychic-type such as Mewtwo, attack-form Deoxys, Azelf, Alakazam, Espeon, and Gardevoir. The best move sets include Psychic, Psycho Cut, Confusion, Psystrike, and Zen Headbutt.

Due to its dual dark-typing, Alolan Grimer is exclusively weak to ground-types. The best counter choices include Therian Landorus, Groudon, Excadrill, Rhyperior, and Garchomp. The most effective movesets should have Earthquake, Mud-Slap, Earth Power, and Mud-Shot. Excadrill can have the exclusive move Drill Run.