Grotesque Horror Scorn Gets Full Release Date

Image courtesy of Ebb Software

Long-awaited first-person horror game, Scorn, has been given a release date thanks to yesterday's Xbox & Bethesda showcase.

First announced back in 2014, developers Ebb Software have finally announced a release date for the atmospheric horror game, Scorn. Heavily inspired by artists such as H. R. Giger, Scorn garnered attention largely due to its mechanical-meets-biological aesthetics.

While little is known about the overall plot of Scorn, players will be thrust into a puzzling, nightmarish world utilizing biomechanical weapons in order to ensure survival and learn more about the hellscape they find themselves in.

What is the Release Date for Scorn?

Scorn is currently set to release on Oct. 21, 2022. The game will be available on PC and Xbox Series X|S, including day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Alongside the release date, a new trailer for the game was revealed, giving players a deeper look into what to expect from the upcoming horror. The trailer shows off some of the environments, enemies, and weapons that players will come face-to-face with. One interesting factor revealed is that Scorn has no dialogue, instead relying on environmental storytelling to lead the player.

Pre-orders for Scorn are now live via the official website.