GTA 5 Online Play Free: Can You Play GTA Online for Free?

GTA 5 Online play free is a common inquiry as player wonder if they have to invest even more money if they want to play online. Luckily for players, it doesn't cost a thing to play GTA 5 online mode. That is if you have the actual copy of the game.

The game is meant to be enjoyed for free since there are plenty of ways for Rockstar Games to still make money.

GTA 5 Online Play Free

You can absolutely play GTA 5 online for free as long as you have a copy of GTA 5. The game has plenty of content as Rockstar Games continues to make new modes and events to keep fans invested and hopefully on their end, make more money. That's why the game is free.

We've seen car events, the introduction of casinos and gambling, seasonal events and even boat and airplane events. The game is constantly built around collecting more cars, houses, boats, and weapons. It's a constant grind and strangely addicting.

So if you want to fall into the trap, pull out your dusty GTA V game case, pop in the disc and create an account. Next, you'll be able to log on and watch your hard earned cash disappear into the darkness.