GTA Online Introduces the Chop Shop Update With New Salvage Yard Business

Rockstar Games

GTA Online's newest free update, the Chop Shop, is now available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

The Chop Shop welcomes Liberty City's Yusuf and Jamal Amir and a new business players can partake in: the Salvage Yard. Per Rockstar Games, players can now steal, strip and sell cars from new Salavge Yard Robberies. As well, there are major updates to vehicles overall including new drift modifications for Drift Racing, the Vinewood Club Garage for storage and more.

Here's everything included in GTA Online: The Chop Shop, per a press release from Rockstar Games.

The Salvage Yard

Rockstar Games

"Behind the peeling facade of Red’s Auto Parts lies the untapped potential of a sophisticated robbery operation. Combined with your skills and Yusuf’s eye for exotic automobiles, the new Salvage Yard business serves as the perfect front. It’s low-key enough not to attract suspicion from the authorities, yet equipped with everything you’ll need to pull off breathtaking robberies of the most in-demand vehicles across Southern San Andreas."

Salvage Yard Robberies

Rockstar Games

"Stealing this caliber of car in Los Santos will be no simple feat. Jamal’s operation involves robberies and a weekly rotation of target vehicles that Yusuf is fixing his sights on for his collection. Each robbery entails scoping out some initial intel, completing Preps and new Freemode Tasks, and culminates in a high-speed Finale. While you’ll be able to recognize the target vehicle by its flashy customized license plate, these robbery plans will require a wide range of techniques and skills, disguises and undercover work, hacking and disabling countermeasures, as well as reliable driving abilities and split-second decision-making in the heat of the chase."

New Vehicles

Rockstar Games

The Chop Shop includes a range of new vehicles for players to acquire including a new Grotti super car, the Turismo Omaggio, and a new SUV with Imani Tech capabilities. Though, the most popular addition is likely to be the new off-the-grid Law Enforcement Vehicles.

GTA+ Offering - The Vinewood Club Garage

Rockstar Games

GTA+ Members on consoles will also get access to The Vinewood Club Garage. This new offering includes 100 spots to store and show off vehicles. The garage is located in Pillbox Hill. GTA+ Members can also get the new Declasse Impaler LX muscle car for free through the garage's podium, or at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos site.

GTA Online: Drift Racing

Rockstar Games

Drift Racing is now available to all players at the LS Car Meet for members. There are seven locations across Los Santos that players can race as they push to try and master Drift Racing in GTA. Players can also customize their vehicles with special tuning kits to get the perfect feel when behind the wheel.

GTA Online November Community Challenge Rewards

After completing the November Community challenges, GTA Online players can now login between now and Dec. 20 to claim the rewards listed below.

  • The Sprunk x eCola livery for the Mammoth F-160 Raiju
  • The Sprunk x eCola Bodysuit
  • Sprunk and eCola License Plates
  • The Rockstar Motorsport livery for the new Grotti Turismo Omaggio (Super)
  • The Rockstar Motorsport livery for the Pegassi Zentorno (Super)

Other additions in The Chop Shop include animals now roaming around plus the new Battle Rifle.

For more information on The Chop Shop update, check out Rockstar Games' Newswire post.