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GTA Online May Racing Bonuses Lineup Announced

Be on the lookout for special bonuses as GTA Online is set to spotlight racing activities until May 25.
Be on the lookout for special bonuses as GTA Online is set to spotlight racing activities until May 25. / Image courtesy of Rockstar

Rockstar Games has announced it is set to spotlight racing activities in GTA Online throughout the next week of May.

From quadruple rewards in Land and Special Vehicle Races to a 30% discount on Auto Shops, here's a breakdown of the race bonuses lineup going live in GTA Online until May 25.

Kicking things off this week, GTA Online players should expect to pay particular attention to Land Races and Special Vehicle Races as they will be paying out quadruple GTA$ and RP to all competitors.

Additionally, all week long, all Open Wheel Races and Premium Races are said to be paying out double GTA$ and RP with the cost to buy into Premium Races also halved, lowering the entry fee while bumping up the payday.

As an extra bonus this month, those who successfully complete a set of Playing Cards, Movie Props, find all available Media Sticks or obtain El Rubio’s Perico Pistol will yield a bonus of GTA$200K. Meanwhile, retrieving a Hidden Cache or Treasure Chest on three separate days this week will net players an additional GTA$100K (delivered within 72 hours of completion).

For the Car Meet Prize Ride, LS Car Meet members who place in the Top 3 in the Pursuit Race Series for three days in a row will roll away with a set of keys belonging to the Invetero Coquette Classic for their efforts.

For Test Rides, the Imponte Beater Dukes, Bravado Gauntlet Classic and Lampadati Casco will be available for players to take a cursory spin between the columns of the LS Car Meet’s Test Track free of charge to see how they fare in a competitive Scramble, or in a race against the clock in Time Trials.

The Lucky Wheel Top Prize in the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort has been updated as well, with the Dewbauchee JB 700W whirling atop the podium.

For those on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, this week’s Hao’s Special Works Time Trial is between Del Perro Beach and Murietta Heights, while the latest Hao’s Premium Test Ride in the LS Car Meet features a Karin S95 injected and infused with all the proprietary technology at Hao’s fingertips.

Lastly, Rockstar is giving out a handful of automotive repair and customization discounts with 30% off Auto Shops, as well as Vehicle Discounts with 30% off the Benefactor BR8, Grotti Itali GTO, Progen Emerus, Imponte Beater Dukes, Bravado Gauntlet Classic and Coil Rocket Voltic, 40% off the Lampadati Casco, Grotti Itali RSX, Principe Deveste Eight, BF Ramp Buggy, Jobuilt Phantom Wedge and Nagasaki Blazer Aqua, and 50% off the Imponte Nightshade.

Of course, the GTA Online Prime Gaming Bonus will also still apply this month, giving players who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming a GTA$100K bonus for playing any time this week.