Guerilla Games Reveals Job Listings for its New Horizon Project

Guerilla Games, screenshot by DBLTAP

Guerilla Games released a list of open positions at its studio in Amsterdam, with jobs that will help the Horizon single-player, online project, and external project teams. From game writing to quest designing, here's everything you need to know about Guerilla Game's plans for the Horizon universe.

Guerilla Games Expands its Horizons Universe With New Jobs

The twitter account Life at Guerilla posted a link for job listings at Guerilla Games on Dec. 16. Based in Amsterdam, the game studio revealed job listings for areas such as animation, art, design, programming, and writing.

Guerilla Games also revealed that these jobs will be a part of a new internal team that is making an online project in Horizon's universe. The game studio included that the online project will have new characters and a unique stylized appearance. Online players will also the chance to discover the world of Horizon together. The job listings involve a variety of roles such as an infrastructure engineer and a narrative designer job.

According to Guerilla Game's website, the game studio's employees will experience numerous benefits, as the studio will cover the costs of public transportation, and offer gym membership discounts. Additional perks include Sony product discounts and an in-house massage service.

Guerilla Games is most well-known for its development of Horizon Call of the Mountain, and Horizon Zero Dawn. The game studio, however, said that along with expanding the Horizon universe, it is continuing the development of the solo-playing experience for Aloy.

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