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Guide to Resistance Genshin Impact: How to Get

Photo courtesy of miHoYo

Guide to Resistance is a three-star Talent Level-Up material in Genshin Impact. It can be farmed using Original or Condensed Resin, and you'll need it to level up the talents of certain characters from Mondstadt.

Currently, the Overflowing Mastery event is underway, which means players can obtain double the rewards when farming Talent Level-Up item domains up to three times a day. This bonus only applies if you use the Original Resin. This is a great opportunity for players to stock up on talent materials, and take their characters to the next level.

Guide to Resistance Genshin Impact: How to Get

Guide to Resistance can be obtained from the Forsaken Rift domain levels II-IV, which requires an Adventure Rank of 28 or above. You'll be able to farm for it on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Genshin Impact Aether, Forsaken Rift domain
Forsaken Rift domain

In the Forsaken Rift domain, you'll need to fight lots of cryo monsters, and you'll periodically be inflicted with Condensed Ice, an elemental debuff that increases your stamina consumption. Make sure to bring pyro characters like Xiangling, and someone who can cleanse the debuff such as Jean.

You can also obtain a Guide to Resistance through alchemy. Simply craft it using three Teachings of Resistance, a lower-tier material that also drops from the Forsaken Rift domain. Try using Xingqiu to craft talent materials, as he has a 25% chance to refund some of the materials used.

Genshin Impact alchemy crafting
Crafting Guide to Resistance

Guide to Resistance (as well as Teachings of Resistance) can also be found throughout the open world in rare chests, and given as quest rewards.

Guide to Resistance is used to level up the following characters' talents:

  • Bennett
  • Diluc
  • Eula
  • Jean
  • Mona
  • Noelle
  • Razor
  • Traveler

If your character isn't on this list, try looking for our guides on other talent materials, such as Guide to Freedom or Teachings of Prosperity.