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Guild Wars 2 Announces Twitch Drops

Guild Wars 2 Twitch Gaming Rewards
Guild Wars 2 Twitch Gaming Rewards / Courtesy of ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 has announced a round of Twitch Drops coming later this month.

Guild Wars 2 has received a lot of big news within the last few weeks. The game announced it's coming to Steam on Aug. 23, with a new fourth expansion pack currently in development. In addition to this, the game has also introduced Twitch drops, which are set to go live between Aug. 23 and 28. Here's what Twitch Drops are, and how they'll work for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Announces Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are a system that allows developers to give viewers in-game rewards when they watch certain streamers play their game. By watching selected streamers play Guild Wars 2 for a certain amount of time, players can earn rewards for their own copy of the game.

Players can earn rewards including classic outfits, experience boosters, a Glowing Purple Mask cosmetic, and more. The list of streamers that are partnering with Guild Wars 2 hasn't been released yet, so interested players should keep their eyes out to see if any of their favorite streamers will be included in the promotion. Aug. 23 to 28 is the collaborations first run, however it's possible Guild Wars 2 will offer Twitch Drops again in the future.