Gun Game Mode Potentially Making Its Way to Apex Legends

Courtesy of Respawn

Leaked audio from Apex Legends seems to confirm the arrival of a new Gun Game mode coming to the battle royale. HYPERMYST, a Twitter user that has previously leaked Apex Legends content, released audio of the Apex Legends announcer saying lines such as "a team has reached half the points necessary for victory" and "a team is five points from victory."

For those unfamiliar with the game mode made famous by Call of Duty, Gun Game sees players receiving a different weapon once they get a kill. Players win once they've gotten a kill with every available weapon. The game mode traces its origins back to Call of Duty: Black Ops and has been a staple of the series ever since.

What seems to be different about Apex Legends' apparent take on the classic mode is that it will now be team-based rather than individual competition. This raises questions about the win condition since traditionally, the game ends once one player gets a kill with every weapon. The mode will most likely now work on a normal points system where every kill grants their team a point, and the player that gets the kill will have their weapon swapped. This is supported by the leaked announcer audio referencing a points system as terms for victory.

Since Season 14 just released, the new mode could come out with Season 15 alongside a string of new customizations.

While Apex Legends is known for its 3 vs 3 battle royale gameplay, it has previously experimented with several additional game modes in the past. These include Hunt, Control and Shadowfall.