Gundam Evolution Release Date

Gundam Evolution
Gundam Evolution / Photo courtesy of Bandai Namco

Players are wondering when Gundam Evolution will be released.

As a highly anticipated game for quite some time, Gundam Evolution is on a lot of players' minds. Following the network tests on PC from April 7 to 12, it has gained even more of a positive reputation. There are more network tests announced for other platforms as well.

Here's what we know so far about the expected release date for Gundam Evolution.

Is There a Release Date for Gundam Evolution?

No, there is not an official release date for Gundam Evolution, but we do know that it will come out in 2022. We expect that a specific date will be given soon due to the PC play tests recently ending. It is certain that Gundam Evolution will be released after the console test dates, though. Gundam Evolution will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Another play test will take place for PlayStation and Xbox users soon. During this, exclusive stamps and skins will be available through participation and achieving certain goals. The specific date and registration information will be announced on their website.

Similar to Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment, Gundam Evolution is a first-person shooter that includes two teams of six players. Some of the playable mechs include:

• Gundam
• Pale Rider
• Zaku II
• Gundam Barbatos
• Sazabi
• Methuss
• GM Sniper II
• Asshimar
• Dom Trooper
• ∀ Gundam (Turn A Gundam)
• Guntank
• GM

This 6v6 free-to-play shooter will undoubtedly be a popular game once it is released. Stay tuned for more information about Gundam Evolution's release on DBLTAP.