Gundam: Evolution Special Edition: Is There One?

Gundam Evolution Editions
Gundam Evolution Editions / Photo courtesy by Bandai Namco

Is there a Gundam: Evolution Special Edition for the upcoming free-to-play game on PC?

Gundam: Evolution is a first-person shooter which features many classic anime mobile Gundam suits since 1979. It will allow players to jump into their favorite Gundam of popular series in team battles to defeat the opposing teams.

Gundam: Evolution Special Edition

Bandi Namco has not mentioned any special edition of the game or special value packs for their upcoming mecha-shooter game. Although, if you sign up for their closed beta test, players receive a limited Beta Pilot badge to show off. It is free-to-play and Gundam: Evolution will feature different classes of Mobile Units including:

  • Gundam
  • Asshimar
  • GM Sniper II
  • DOM Trooper

With a total of 12 Gundam frames available upon the games release.

Gundam: Evolution will be free-to-play and available on PC; no mention of other platforms has been announced yet. The game will be launched across other regions around the globe. Gundam: Evolution has characteristics that can be featured in the esports scene with a gameplay that will have six-versus-six battlegrounds; similar to other competitive games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offense.

Gundam: Evolution will have game modes such as Point Capture, which is played in two rounds per match. Point Capture features an offense and defense side for teams to compete against targets throughout the map. There will be two targets that need to be occupied in order for the next point to be unlocked. The other game mode is called Dominiation, where teams compete against three goals randomly placed throughout the map. A maximum of three rounds per match, the round ends when the team has reached the most percentage out of one-hundred.

For more information, check out Gundam: Evolutions website.