Guru Meditation Valorant: How to Fix

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Guru Meditation in Valorant is an error message that has popped up for some players, especially those with the Blitz app installed on their computer. It doesn’t necessarily harm your game, but it is quite annoying to look at. Thankfully, it is quite an easy fix.

In a reddit post made by user ludsen321, they had mentioned a message after starting up Valorant, this message was: ‘guru meditation 1638558114110’.

Guru Meditation Valorant: How to Fix

The Reddit community had quickly come up with a solution, as well as a member of the company Blitz, which had claimed it was one of Blitz internal debug error messages.

One solution presented by the employee of Blitz is to restart Valorant and close the Blitz app on the player’s desktop.

If the problem still persists, try to run Valorant as an administrator. How a player can do this if they come across this message is:

  1. Right click the Valorant icon on the desktop
  2. Select ‘Properties’, then the ‘Compatibility’ tab
  3. Under the ‘Settings’ section, check the box ‘Run this program as an Administrator’
  4. Then hit ‘OK’

This is a recent issue, so if the problem still persists, contact Valorant Support to get further assistance.