H vs M: Hashtag Harry and Manny Face Off in Forfeit FIFA Round 2

DBLTAP have once again partnered with two of the UK’s biggest gaming influencers Hashtag Harry and Manny for some Forfeit FIFA to celebrate the release of H&M’s new Autumn Collection. 

Our influencers revived an old rivalry following a previous head-to-head Forfeit FIFA clash earlier this year, which saw Manny triumphant and Harry kicked out of the Hashtag FC WhatsApp group. To make things more challenging, Harry and Manny had to adapt to new gameplay as they faced off on FIFA 20, the latest release in the franchise. 

Put it this way: playing FIFA is easy. Playing FIFA well is a little trickier. Playing a new version of FIFA, blindfolded, listening to a wheel of doom ticking away behind you to decide your next forfeit? Not ideal – unless you're just watching...

Forfeits were taken to the next level this time round, dictated by the terrifying H&M Wheel of Forfeit. Potential forfeits included hair waxing, electric shocks and the unforgiving mystery box. Let’s just say neither influencer came out unscathed! 

What – to paraphrase an Oscar-nominated Brad Pitt film – is in the box? You'll have to check out the full video below to find out.