Hackers Are Already Ruining the Overwatch 2 Beta

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

It's only been a few days but hackers have already started ruining the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta.

Perhaps it was inevitable, but Overwatch players were hoping that they'd get a bit of time with the Overwatch 2 Beta before they suffered at the hands of cheaters and hackers. Overwatch fans had been patiently and anxiously waiting for information regarding the anticipated sequel. Now, thanks to the Beta, many have had a hands-on experience with what's to come.

Sadly, though, that experience was quickly dampened after hackers began using cheats to give themselves an advantage over other players.

A Twitter account called @AntiCheatPD, which dedicate themselves to gathering information on available cheats, posted a video of the practice range where one Hero had enemy locations highlighted at all times.

"Cheats are already out for Overwatch 2," the post read. "Hopefully they are detectable and won't last long, I really hope the blizzard anti-cheat department has some good plans to tackle the cheating problem space, or it will just be an unfair competitive environment just like Overwatch 1 was."

After posting, a number of other users took to the replies to reveal their recent experiences with cheats in Overwatch 2. One clip showed a Solider 76 who was able to target other players with a suspicious amount accuracy, and fire without missing a shot.

Of course, with Overwatch 2 currently in the Beta stage, this is something that could hopefully be fixed before the game's official launch. Huge strides being taken to improve Overwatch's anti-cheat system would go a long way in improving fan experience.

Sadly, those in the Beta might just have to make do for the time being.