Hades II Announced at The Game Awards 2022

Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games have announced a sequel to hit roguelike, Hades during The Game Awards 2022 — Hades II.

Hades II will follow the story of Melinoë, the Princess of the Underworld and sister to Zagreus. Her endeavor is to defeat Chronos, Titan of Time. Like its predecessor, Hades II will see Melinoë fight through hordes of enemies witht the aid of the Olympian Gods.

Hades II is the first game by Supergiant Games to be a direct sequel to a previous game. Melinoë's fight will take her through the Underworld but players will encounter new locations, enemies, upgrades and more as they push through.

In regards to platforms, Supergiant have said, "We expect for Hades II to eventually be available for both PC and console platforms. We will announce which platforms the game will be available on closer to when it is complete.

Prior to that, we plan to conduct the Early Access phase of Hades II on PC, on both Steam and the Epic Games Store simultaneously (the same platforms on which we conducted our Early Access for the original game)."

Further details are pretty sparce at the time of writing, though the developers have revealed that information on Early Access will be coming in 2023.