Half-Life: Alyx Movement Modes Revealed

Alyx's gloves from Valve's Half-Life: Alyx. These are the primary things you see in the game.
Alyx's gloves from Valve's Half-Life: Alyx. These are the primary things you see in the game. / Valve Corporation

Half-Life: Alyx movement has just been shown off to Valve fans in a big way.

Half-Life developer Valve have dropped three new gameplay trailers ahead of their newest franchise installment's release: Alyx. These trailers have been an eye-opening preview into what players can expect out of the game when it launches March 23. The setting, style of play, and even a few plot elements were revealed all in the name of getting the audience excited.

Half-Life Alyx Movement

We see a few methods of movement in the newly released trailers.

It appears that the player can simply point and lick to move Alyx wherever they'd like within a certain range. They no longer have to move the avatar manually down a corridor or shamble around obstacles. So long as you can already reach the place you want to go, it only takes a single press of a button. This has no effect on enemy timing and is instantaneous.

Additionally, Alyx can now reach out a draw important items into her hands. This includes ammunition, items lying around the world, healing items, and the like. Once located she simply needs to stretch out one hand and the desired item comes to you with ease. It also works in reverse with throwing items in the world--as we see with her throwing and then detonating an explosive in mid-air.

The biggest issue with Half-Life: Alyx's movement is that there seems to be a lot of it. Even at a resting state, Alyx is constantly in motion either looking around or swaying in general. This can leave any gamer with a bit of nausea and motion-sickness. Needless to say, it's hard to focus when your stomach keeps dropping.

Hopefully, the movement modes will help alleviate or prevent this so players can keep enjoying the game without having to take long breaks.