Half-Life: Alyx Reaction is Overwhelmingly Positive So Far

Actual footage of players trying to figure out when Valve is going to restock their VR system
Actual footage of players trying to figure out when Valve is going to restock their VR system / Valve Corporation

Half-Life: Alyx reaction by fans has been off the charts with excitement.

With a franchise like Half-Life, you know any news will be met with hype and acclaim. Its newest installment, Alyx, is no different. As the flagship game for Valve's VR content, Alyx is expected to impress and already has a significant amount of support behind it.

Half-Life: Alyx Fan Reaction

On the whole, players are overwhelmed at the fact a new Half-Life game will soon be in their possession. The pure adrenaline and nostalgia associated with these games is in full swing.

Sentiments such as "I am speechless," "GOD EXISTS," "everything pales in comparison," and "I CAN'T BELIEVE HALF LIFE IS BACK" are at the top of the emotional roller-coaster players are currently riding. Some are going as far as to say that they won't need any more games after this. Others agree, replying that Cyberpunk will be nothing but a blip on the radar after Alyx launches.

Valve's Twitter account is plagued with users asking the company to restock their Index VR system—and fast.

At this point, some are wondering if this is Valve's last-ditch effort to save VR as a platform. The excitement over virtual reality games has died a slow death over the past few years with players seeming to prefer traditional methods of playing—i.e.: controllers and consoles.

Delegating Alyx exclusively to VR is a risky move on the company's part. The equipment needed to even play the game is expensive and can be a road block for those looking to experience the newest Half-Life game. Even die-hard fans may have trouble coughing-up the cash.

"I guess I need to get a new PC and a VR Headset before March then," said Reddit user BFG_9000.

"This game will leave me in debt," replied another user, prrg.

Half-Life: Alyx launches on March 23 exclusively for VR.