Apex Legends

Half-Speed Lobbies Are Back in Apex Legends Season 10

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends isn't as bad as Warzone when it comes to cheaters and glitches, but it still has some issues. One of the funniest and most frustrating problems are half-speed lobbies where players are stuck for the entire match at half speed.

And unlike other glitches, the slow lobbies are based on Respawn Entertainment servers. Even in a developer deep dive, Respawn explained this issue is a faulty machine. Something at the data center went wrong.

Redditor u/Llamaman61 showed us the pain of playing on this type of server. Though, it's rather entertaining to watch.

The thing players need to understand about this server issue the most is rotations. If you're stuck in this type of lobby, you need to rotate a lot earlier otherwise you'll get stuck in the zone. You could also quit if you don't even want to try playing a match in these conditions.

Based on Respawn's explanation, these things will tend to happen from time to time, and they will try to locate the source of the problem and fix it. However, it's impossible to completely negate this problem from ever happening again. Things can malfunction, so you have a small chance of playing slow-mo Apex Legends.