Halloween Raids Pokemon GO: Everything You Need to Know

Halloween Raids Pokemon Go: Everthing You Need to Know
Halloween Raids Pokemon Go: Everthing You Need to Know / Niantic

Halloween raids Pokemon GO will actually land on Halloween this year, unlike previous years. With the event officially underway, players are looking into what different added content has come via the event, and that's why we're here. This year are is a crazy amount of content, so let's get into what's new.

Halloween Raids Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know

For the raids, there is an Alolan Marowak raid that is the highlight of the Halloween event. We have more info on the raid right here, including what counters are viable and what kind of special content comes with Alolan Marowak. Alolan Marowak is a Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon and is a Tier-3 raid boss. It's capture CP will be from 988 – 1048 CP, and can be solo'ed by players, so you don't have to team up in order to defeat it. Here is a list of Marowak's moves:

  • Rock Smash FIGHTING (fast)
  • Hex GHOST (fast)
  • Shadow Ball GHOST (charged, 2-bar)
  • Bone Club GROUND (charged, 3-bar)
  • Fire Blast FIRE (charged, 1-bar)
  • Shadow Bone GHOST (charged)

Look to use some Water and Ghost-type moves to counter Alolan Marowak. it shouldn't take too long to defeat it, and bam, you'll have a nice new Alolan Marowak with a special Shadow Bone moves in your inventory.