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Halo and Fall Guys Crossover Leaks

Halo cosmetics are coming to Fall Guys.
Halo cosmetics are coming to Fall Guys. / Courtesy of Mediatonic/Microsoft

A Halo and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout crossover event has leaked, revealing Halo-themed cosmetics for the party game.

The crossover appears to mark Fall Guys' arrival on Xbox as a free-to-play game, with a release date set a week after that launch.

The leak, posted to Twitter Monday by Fall Guys leaker @FGPancake, comes in the form of a trailer for the crossover taken from a Bilibili post made by Fall Guys development studio Mediatonic. The trailer is a parody of the Halo 3 "Believe" ad, playing melancholic music over footage of Fall Guys characters frozen in place. Not all the characters do such a great job of freezing, losing their balance or just wandering through the scene.

Along the way, the camera moves past a Fall Guys character dressed as a Grunt and another wearing a purple Master Chief helmet with cat ears. The end of the trailer shows Fall Guys versions of Master Chief and a Brute Chieftain reaching for the crown, and a release date of June 30. It appears the event will run through July 4.

When Fall Guys hits Xbox June 23, it will finally be available across all four major platforms, following releases on PC, PlayStation and Switch. Mediatonic has yet to confirm a Halo crossover event.