Halo Infinite: All Foundation Collectible Locations

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Playing through the Foundation mission in Halo Infinite's campaign? Here are all the collectibles you can find to make sure you don't miss a single thing.

Halo Infinite's campaign has finally dropped. Many fans are diving right in and enjoying the flow of the long-awaited entry. With its release came a bit of constructive criticism; currently, you're unable to replay any of the story missions without starting a new game. While 343 Industries have acknowledged this and announced that they're working on it, getting collectibles in the meantime is a bit more of a task.

Without replayable missions, many of the collectibles in Halo Infinite are missable. So, you might need a hand to make sure you grab everyone. Below, we've listed every collectible, and where to find them, in the game's second mission, Foundation.

Halo Infinite Foundation Collectible Locations

The following collectibles are listed in the order you can find them in the mission:

Cowbell Skull

You'll be able to find the Cowbell Skull after you begin seeing images of ghostly children running around you. Continue on until you come to a large room. The Cowbell Skull can be found in the rafters near the ceiling - you'll need to grapple up in order to grab it.

Banished Audio Log - Cylix

You can find the log during the objective ‘Reach The Surface’. It can be found next to one of the main doors you'll need to enter in order to progress, after obtaining The Weapon.

USNC Audio Log - Recovered Files: The Question

This log is unmissable, and given to you automatically during the mission.

USNC Audio Log - Not My Fault

This log can be found towards the end of the mission. You'll see it on the floor, next to the elevator power cell.

That's it for the Foundation collectibles in Halo Infinite. With only a few to nab, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them all.