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Halo Infinite Campaign Download Sizes

Photo by 343 Industries/Microsoft

The Halo Infinite campaign is available now for all to play, and varies on download size in order to add it to your platform of choice's library. If you already downloaded the multiplayer beta, your download will be smaller, and your platform may vary in terms of how fast the download will be.

Here's a guide on all of the Halo Infinite campaign download sizes.

Halo Infinite Campaign Download Sizes

According to Halo Support's Twitter, here are the different sizes of downloads for Halo Infinite's Campaign based on what you already have downloaded from the game.

With no existing Halo installation (Multiplayer)

  • Installing Multiplayer Only: Approximately 26.53 GB
  • Installing Multiplayer and Campaign: Approximately 48.42 GB

If Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Beta is already installed

  • Multiplayer Update: Approximately 3.97 GB
  • Campaign Installation: Approximately 25.86 GB
  • Multiplayer Update and Campaign: Approximately 29.83 GB

Players on PC will have quicker downloads based on to the power of their setup. If you have a reliable internet connection, the downloads shouldn't take too long to complete.