Halo Infinite Devs Admit Season 2 Launch Was "Bumpy"

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

343 Industries has said that the launch of Halo Infinite Season Two has been "bumpy."

Halo Infinite's second season is underway, adding in some new gameplay modes, maps, and other features to keep things moving within the online multiplayer. But the season's start hasn't been completely well-received by all players.

It seems some players have been experiencing some issues, largly surrounding Season Two's Interference event. Halo community manager John Junyszek posted a Tweet explaining some of the changes and fixes that have been deployed.

"For the Interference Event, Last Spartan Standing challenges should now be tracking more accurately and helping you earn rewards. There may be a delay if you leave early, but all progress should count once the match finishes in the background," Junyszek posted.

"Next week, we'll also be reducing the difficulty of some Event Challenges and making it so that completing them earns you 2 levels on the Event Pass."

In response to the series of tweets, Head of Creative for Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten admitted that the season's launch had been "bumpy."

"That definitely wasn't our goal. We are indeed taking your feedback to heart, especially regarding map jumps and speedrunning. We're reviewing options and will have more news to come."

Over on the campaign side of the game, it seems things haven't been much smoother. The game's campaign co-op mode isn't set to launch until August this year, and a recent fix to a Pelican glitch has frustrated the game's speedrunning community.

Players had been using a glitch that enabled them to drive the Pelican across the map, which is usually piloted by an NPC. The glitch had been a great help to speedrunners, but after a recent update, the exploit is no more.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss their disappointment with the fix, wishing that 343 would add it as a permanent feature.

"Driving vehicles like the Pelican or the Phantom was my childhood dream since Halo CE, and except Reach and Halo 4, you'll never pilot it. 343, I'm not even mad, just... why?"

Staten's tweet mentions that the developers were listening to feedback, particularly regarding speedrunning. Though whether or not players will get their chance to drive the Pelican in a more legitimate fashion remains to be seen.