Halo Infinite Forge Mode: What We Know So Far

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite / Image courtesy of 343 Studios.

Halo Infinite has been available for nearly a year, and the game's early hype has cooled down dramatically over the past months. 343 Industries has looked for ways to update the game and revive the latest Halo installment.

According to recent leaks, 343 may be bringing back the iconic Forge Mode from previous Halo games. The mode didn't launch with the initial release of Halo Infinite, however, the number of leaks that have been shared online recently suggest that the mode can make its return, and it looks incredible. Here's what we've learned so far from these leaks.

Halo Infinite Forge Mode: What is It?

First and foremost, Forge Mode is a customizable level/game mode designer that has appeared in multiple Halo games in the past. The sandbox mode allows players to create their own Halo experience, and let their creativity wander beyond the Campaign.

If you wanted to recreate an old Halo map, such as The Pit, you can recreate it in Forge Mode. The possibilities are infinite (a fitting pun), and the mode may be the thing that revives not just Halo Infinite, but the entire Halo franchise on next-gen consoles.

Halo Infinite Forge Mode Leaks

Among the features leaked so far, we have the ability to do weather effects, item scaling, linking together objects, combining weapons together into new variants, and much more.

In the video above, HiddenXperia discusses many of the leaks and images we've seen so far. The leaks have already shown the Halo community creating some amazing levels in the Forge Mode, and many more can come if 343 actually brings the mode back. The Upside Down, wall-running, portal guns, and more have been created already, showcasing the endless sandbox of possibilities.

While we still may be a while away from 343 publicly revealing Forge Mode in Halo Infinite, this may be the first and biggest step to bring Halo Infintite fans back. As more leaks and updates from 343 come for the Forge Mode, we'll update you every step of the way, so stay tuned.