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Halo Infinite Glitch Wiping Saves

Halo Infinite players are losing their campaign progress to a glitch.
Halo Infinite players are losing their campaign progress to a glitch. / Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Halo Infinite players across social media are reporting a glitch that completely wipes their saved games, erasing their campaign progress and disrupting their multiplayer experience. The glitch causes players to load into the game from a third-person perspective, then irreparably damages their campaign saved games.

The glitch is reportedly affecting players across platform lines, appearing on both Xbox and PC copies of the game, and it may be tied to a bug related to log-in.

One player on ResetEra said they loaded into the Halo Infinite campaign in third-person mode. Master Chief was clipping through the floor. When they tried to reload the game, they found their save file showed them having completed 0% of the campaign, and it would fail to load.

Before experiencing the save file wipe, the player says they received an Xbox Sign-In pop-up that prompted them to clock "Let's go" when logging back into the platform. Other users who have also experienced the campaign glitch have reported a similar pop-up appearing. It's possible this log-in prompt is creating a double-login event, and it may be caused by any number of things. Theories include plugging in a second controller, a controller disconnecting and reconnecting, and using the quick resume feature on Xbox after having previously played a game with multiple users signed into the same account.

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industry has yet to announce a timetable for a fix for this glitch. It previously warned players against using the quick resume feature for Infinite's campaign, as it made cosmetics earned in campaign fail to appear in multiplayer.