Halo Infinite HDR Capabilities Leaked

What could HDR do for Halo Infinite?
What could HDR do for Halo Infinite? / Photo by 343 Industries

Halo Infinite HDR might be one of the new features to the highly anticipated next game in the Halo franchise.

High-dynamic range imaging, or HDR, is basically as close a display can get to real life. TVs that have HDR capabilities have a higher level of detail, and games have started to take advantage of the new display tech.

Halo Infinite HDR Capabilities Leaked

Halo Infinite is rumored to have HDR compatibility. EvilBoris of HDTV Test has claimed Halo Infinite not only has HDR optimization, but also will be doing something special with it. Halo Infinite will be an Xbox Series X launch title, and would have to have something pretty spectacular to bring in the new console as the flagship title.

It's unknown what kind of special treatment Halo Infinite will get, or if these claims are even substantiated. EvilBoris is well known for his analysis of HDR mechanics in games, but it's unknown where he got this information.

We won't have to wait long for confirmation of these claims, as Halo Infinite will be showcased in Microsoft's Xbox Series X July 20/20 event. Halo Infinite and the Xbox Series X are expected to launch in time for Holiday 2020.