Halo Infinite Losing Players on Steam Despite Massive Launch

Photo courtesy of 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is struggling to retain players or at least on Steam, the game seems to be suffering. While 343 Industries announced Halo Infinite had the largest launch in Halo history, other statistics are more telling.

Currently, the game is averaging 21,000 concurrent players on Steam usually seeing a peak of 30,000 players in a day. A rather small number, and nowhere close to the top numbers on Steam. For example, CS:GO has 872,618 concurrent players with a max of 964,971. They hold the top spot on Steam.

By itself, the numbers wouldn't be enough to cause concern as most players are using the Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass to play Halo Infinite for free. So it's not surprising that the numbers on Steam are small if most of the player base is on Microsoft platforms.

The most telling problem is the Twitch viewership. Whether people want to admit it or not, Twitch has a pulse on the popularity of certain games, and Halo Infinite is toward the bottom. At the time of writing, Twitch currently states Halo Infinite has 4.1K viewers. The highest streamer has 800 viewers, a rather paltry sum for such a massive enterprise. This isn't a peak streaming window of time, so the numbers will definitely climb at better parts of the day, But it's not hard to see that Halo Infinite isn't having the massive climb we saw with PUBG, Fortnite, and Warzone. Maybe the rumors of a Halo battle royale may save the day.