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Halo Infinite: New Weapon Variants Leaked

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Weapon Variants seem set to make a return in Halo Infinite, thanks to some recent leaks.

Halo Infinite's campaign release is only a few weeks away, and in the meantime players everywhere have been getting stuck into the multiplayer beta. With new content on the horizon, it seems fans can expect Weapon Variants to hit their games. Halo leaker HaloNoticiasMX took to Twitter to detail some of the Weapon Variants that will reportedly be heading to Halo Infinite.

In addition to the list, HaloNoticiasMX also detailed how to access them in-game. Many fans have reacted positively to the speculations, citing the addition of variants in Halo 5 as one of the positive elements of the installment.

The variants revealed in the datamine are as follows:

  • Convergence bulldog (Bigger Mag Tighter Spread)
  • MA40 (AR) Longshot (Smaller Mag, Bigger Zoom)
  • S7 (Sniper) Flexfire (Bigger Mag, less accurate, faster fure rate)
  • BR75 (Pulse Carbine) Breacher (Faster Fire Rate)
  • Volatile Skewer (Explodes shortly after impact)

While the addition of Weapon Variants has yet to be confirmed by 343 Industries, if the leak holds true then it's likely we could see their arrival once the campaign releases on Dec. 8. It's worth noting, though, that Weapon Variants will likely be a campaign-only addition meaning they'll be missing from the multiplayer mode.