Halo Infinite Players May Lose XP Boosts Active During Server Outage

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Halo Infinite recently suffered some major server outages, and it looks as though players might lose any XP boosts they had active during the time.

Gaining XP in Halo Infinite is a bit of a grind. One of players' main gripes with the online mulitplayer was how difficult it was to earn XP, having to rely on various challenges to make any progress. While 343 Industries has sought to establish a better system, XP boosts are still one of the more useful ways to earn experience.

Sadly, the grind for many fans was briefly interrupted when Halo Infinite's servers went down. While this isn't uncommon in any online game, the taste can be extra bitter for Halo fans due to the way XP boosts work.

Halo Infinite Players May Lose XP Boosts Active During Server Outage

XP boosts in Halo Infinite run in real-time; the timer will continue to tick down regardless of whether you have the game running or not. If an XP boost is active just before a server outage, then the timer continues to run during the downtime, meaning the XP boost is quickly wasted.

While may fans were hoping for the clocks to stop, or for the XP boosts to be reimbursed, it doesn't look like that's going to be the case. One Reddit user took to the forum site to post a response they had received from Halo Support after requesting a replacement XP boost.

The response stated that they "do not have the ability to give or replace XP boosts" that were "lost during the server outage." Though they were quick to reassure the player that the server outages had been fixed.

The system does seem somewhat unfair, relying on players being able to play full the full length of time in one sitting. Commenters were quick to express their disappointment with the system, saying "the double XP token system is just bad, needs to be time spent in match."

Others made comparisons to Battlefield 4 which "got it right," according to one user. "XP boosts are paused between matches."

343 Industries has yet to confirm if this system will be altered. Until then, it seems that the lost XP boosts are gone forever.