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Halo Infinite Players Want to Opt Out of Crossplay Due to PC Cheaters

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

PC cheaters have made their way to Halo Infinite, leaving players wanting to opt out of crossplay matches.

Cheaters in a free-to-play online multiplayer are, at this point, inevitable. Halo Infinite is the latest game to be plagued with waves of cheating, causing some problems for fans of the new competitive shooter. Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta has only been live for a few weeks now, but its fast popularity has made it a target for cheaters and hackers alike.

The issue has seen many players on console, having grown tired of running into cheaters, ask for the option to opt out of crossplay matches.

One user, @jcb_response, took to Twitter to fire their complaints at 343 Industries' Community Manager and Support Coordinator, saying, "just matched another cheater/hacker in Halo Infinite."

" Let me turn off cross-play until you guys can get an actual anti-cheat implemented."

The user attached video evidence of their encounter, following up with another video of the accused aimbotter.

The complaints haven't been limited to Twitter, however. Many players have taken to the Halo subreddit to share their troubling encounters with hackers so early into the game's lifecycle. Players cited the lack of in-game report button as a frustrating element when dealing with cheaters and hackers. Others have simply accepted the notion that this was inevitable. "It was bound to happen. Every competitive game will have cheaters in it sadly" said user miko3456789.

There are slight measures that players can make to their matchmaking. For example, players can choose whether or not to be matched with players using controllers or mouse and keyboard. Unfortunately, this choice seems to only be present when playing Solos or Duos and is missing from Quick Play. Alongside this, PC players could still manage to cheat even when using a controller, so the measures aren't a fool-proof plan.

Halo Infinite is still in its early days. With the launch of the Campaign on the horizon, its likely 343 will be looking to make some much needed adjustments and fixes to help clamp down on the growing cheating problem.