Halo Infinite Season 2: All Balance Changes

Spartan with a Ravager.
Spartan with a Ravager. / Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's second season, Lone Wolves, has brought with it a number of balance changes to weapons, equipment, and more.

The second season of 343 Industries online multiplayer Halo Infinite is finally here. players have been waiting some time to get there hands on some new content, hoping that Lone Wolves will give the game a much needed refresh. 

This season sees the launch of a whole new Battle Pass, along with new multiplayer modes and maps for players to check out. While there's plenty to explore, players will have a number of balance updates to get to grips with, too.

All Balance Changes Detailed in Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves



Melee damage has been reduced by 10% in both multiplayer and campaign.

  • In multiplayer, this change to melee damage makes the Mangler a 2-shot beatdown rather than a 1-shot beatdown.
  • In Ranked multiplayer only, the Battle Rifle has increased melee damage. This change was made to preserve the Battle Rifle's two-burst beatdown after the global melee reduction.

Other changes to melee will also result in the following improvements for multiplayer:

  • "Traded" melee kills will occur more often now than in Season 1.
  • Improved snapping to enemies during melee lunges.
  • Improved enemy collision immediately after meleeing.


In addition to the melee damage change noted above, the following changes were also made to the Mangler in multiplayer:

  • Reduced starting reserve ammo from 24 to 16.
  • Reduced max ammo capacity from 56 to 40.


  • The Ravager's base shot is now stronger than before and is therefore capable of a two-burst kill.


Drop Wall

  • The Drop Wall is now stronger than before and deploys faster once it hits the ground.


  • The Overshield now grants an additional half bar of shielding.



  • The Warthog's tire positions and suspension have been adjusted to better improve its handling on uneven terrain.


  • When boosting, the Chopper will now one hit kill all vehicles except for the Scorpion and Wraith.


The Banshee's mobility and weapons have received multiple buffs:

  • The Banshee can now move slower and faster than before, including when turning.
  • Weapons cooldown faster and deal more damage.



  • Velocity gained from landing into a slide on a ramp has proportional reduction based on fall height.


Multiple collision fixes on all previously released multiplayer maps. Some examples of these improvements include:

  • Smoothing out traversal on the ground.
  • Fixing player's standing on out of bounds rock ledges.
  • Removing or adjusting collision on small props and thin ledges.