Halo Infinite Will Feature Weapon Racks for Multiplayer Maps

Photo by 343 Industries

In a blog post highlighting Halo Infinite's lead multiplayer designer, more details were revealed about the game's item spawning systems, including the introduction of Weapon Racks into maps. Andrew Witts of 343 Industries talked about Halo Infinite's new approach to item spawning, a classic feature of multiplayer modes in the Halo series.

Specifically talking about spawning weapons in the game, Witts talked about how Halo's history inspired the decision to implement these Weapon Racks. "We developed these awesome Halo 2-inspired weapon racks, a callback to the Halo 2 announcement trailer where the gun comes out of the wall and Chief grabs it," Witts states. "We put the weapon racks on the walls because we wanted to develop a visual language around scavenging in the game so that players can make split-second decisions around where to find a weapon."

The decision speaks to Halo Infinite's desire to create a more enveloping world for players, even if it's something minute like where and how weapons spawn. Map awareness is crucial for multiplayer, and if players have visual cues on where weapons spawn, it may make the game easier for both new players and returning faces. Witts is also excited about how new weapons can be inserted into maps with the Weapon Racks. "With the game being free-to-play now, we really looked at how we could inject content like new weapons or equipment. We wanted it to be possible to spawn a new weapon on weapon racks across all the maps versus needing to wait for that new map to be in the current playlist rotation to come in."

For now, players are stuck waiting for the Halo Infinite beta to get a clearer look at what multiplayer looks and feels like, along with new features like the Mark System for players to better communicate with one another.