Halo Infinite Will Use Ping System for Multiplayer

Photo by 343 Industries

With Halo Infinite releasing later this winter, many eager Halo fans are excited to know what features and tech with be available for them at launch. And as Halo's biggest draw, the multiplayer is receiving some noteworthy features, including a ping system for players to better communicate with one another.

In a blog post from 343 Industries, lead multiplayer designer Andrew Witts mentions the "Mark System" for Halo Infinite, allowing players to communicate with teammates even without a microphone. As Witts puts it, the Mark System lets players, "mark a spot in the world that lets their teammates know vital information, like an enemy position or weapon location." For a game full of constant action, being able to tell teammates about certain objectives or weapons is huge, and will no doubt be used to great effect by the Halo community.

First popularized by Apex Legends, several games implemented a version of the ping system, allowing players to more effectively communicate without the use of a microphone or gaming headset. While we don't know much about the ping system, or the rest of Halo Infinite's multiplayer, it seems that 343 Industries is taking the right steps to ensure that Halo Infinite embraces its roots, while moving forward.

With the Halo Infinite beta arriving in a few months, players can test the new Mark System firsthand, along with a bevy of other new features to the classic franchise.