Hangzhou Spark Adds Miro as Assistant Coach Ahead of Next Season

Image courtesy of Hangzhou Spark/OWL

Hangzhou Spark have deployed a shake-up to their coaching team, ahead of the next OWL season.

Announced in a Twitter post yesterday at 10 p.m. ET, the team celebrated the third anniversary of the Hangzhou Spark. The celebrations were soon followed by the announcement that a number of additions would be joining the coaching team. The post read, "Today's the 3rd anniversary of the Hangzhou Spark. We would like to thank all of our fans and staff for your support and dedication."

"And, we can’t celebrate our 3rd birthday without a fresh look, right?"

The thread of posts kicked off with the announcement that Liu “Aniu” Guanwei would be joining the team as a Supervisor. Aniu said of his joining, “I’m glad to join Spark and also the OWL family, and I’m excited about meeting the passionate fans and the upcoming challenge here. I will do my best to bring you a team with enthusiastic and growth."

Next, the team revealed that Jiang “gandolf” Hao would be joining as Team Manager. Hao, who had previously been working as Manager for Bilibili Gaming, said, “The experience at BLG has shown me more possibilities of the industry, and I’m desperate to put my thoughts into practice. I love my work, and I'm very honored to be with Spark. I believe we will work and achieve higher together!”

Joining as Head Coach will be Chang-geun "Changgoon" Park who had previously coached the London Spitfire to win the first ever Overwatch League Grand Finals. In the thread, Changgoon said of his new position, “I'm honored to lead Spark for the new season of OWL in OW2. Coaching a mixed team is new for me, and I think our team roster has sufficient competitiveness, but still room for growth. I’ll try my best to lead Spark to a team that is worth your cheers!”

Former Taiwanese player and comentator, Huang "Xiaogui" Tsung-Yu, will be joining Hangzhou Spark as an Assistant Coach. Xiaogui had previously served the team as Supervisor for the last year. "The past year has been a very memorable experience for me. At the moment, I hope that I can maximize things that I’ve learnt to bring help to the team. I look forward to cooperating with the new coaching team in the future!”

And, finally, joining Hangzhou Spark also as an Assistant Coach is Jin-hyuk "Miro" Gong. Miro had a great run as one of the best main tanks in Overwatch from 2016 to early 2017 during his time with Lunatic-Hai. After stepping down from Seoul Dynasty in 2018, Miro transitioned to a streamer position in Gen.G. After previously coaching Team Diamond, Miro now steps up as an Assistant Coach for Hangzhou Spark.

Saying of his new role, "I’d like to thank Spark and coach Changgoon for their trusts, and I’m glad to join the coaching team. The OW2 will make changes on tanks, and it will bring new challenges to us. I hope to help our team become one of the fastest learners!”

These new additions to the coaching team come in the wake of departures from Team Manager DoubleSai and Assistant Coach OnlyWish.