Harbor Revealed as Next Valorant Agent

The first official reveal for Harbor.
The first official reveal for Harbor. / Riot Games

Valorant's Agent 21 has been revealed to be Harbor, a new Controller Agent.

Riot Games has been hinting towards its new Agent for a few weeks now, through in-game teasers and social media posts. It began with September's State of the Agents post, which ended with the line “Jald hi milte hain.” The phrase translates from Hindi to English as "See you soon."

Yesterday, Riot Games posted a short video teaser to the Valorant Twitter page. The clip takes the style of a livestream, with the camera panning round to a woman sat at a table in restaurant. A glass of water begins to shake, and the liquid flows upwards and out of the glass. A motorcycle speeds past in the background, sparking tremors and sending dust into the air.

Just a few hours later, Riot Games revealed the first official image of Harbor, Valorant's new Indian Agent. While little has been revealed for his upcoming abilities and background, the teaser and reveal all seem to suggest that he'll have a connection to water, perhaps possessing water-type abilities.

Harbor is also shown to be riding a motorcycle. The image depicts Harbor in combat, with a motorcycle helmet on, and in front of a water sphere emerging from waves.

Valorant's next Act update is set to roll out on Oct. 18, where Harbor is expected to make his debut.