Hardcore LTM Coming to Apex Legends According to Latest Leak

Respawn Entertainment

Experienced Apex Legends players could be in store for a new LTM that will test their skills according to a recent leak on Twitter.

Limited-time modes are typical amongst many multiplayer games and usually provide memorable experiences for those that try them out. Apex Legends fans can recall the extremely popular Gun Run mode introduced during the Beast of Prey Collection Event. This proved to be such a success amongst the community that many called for its permanent inclusion.

If the latest leak by GG Thordan Smash proves to be true, Respawn Entertainment and Apex Legends players may be in-store for another successful and entertaining limited-time mode

Twitter User GG Thordan Smash detailed the limited-time mode as a hardcore battle royale experience. Players will be stripped of their HUD and left scavenging for scarce resources with only common shields to protect them during matches. Furthermore, participants will find that most of all items they find will not be gold rated preventing many from finding any advantageous items while looting. Weapons will also deal a heightened amount of damage, further adding to the difficulty of the mode.

This mode seems to share similarities with Call of Duty's Tier 1 mode. Both modes have reduced health as well as HUD limitations. The major difference is that Tier 1 is restricted to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer modes, while the supposed hardcore mode in Apex Legends would be a new battle royale experience.

As with any leak or rumor make sure to take all of this with a grain of salt until an official statement is given by Respawn Entertainment. For other Apex Legends news, updates, and guides make sure to check out the following articles.