Harpoon Gun Arrives in Fortnite

A Harpoon Gun is in Fortnite as of Tuesday
A Harpoon Gun is in Fortnite as of Tuesday /

A Harpoon Gun landed in Fortnite Tuesday without fanfare from developer Epic Games. As has become standard in Chapter 2, no patch notes accompanied or explained the Harpoon Gun, leaving players to piece together what they could about the new weapon.

Harpoon Gun Fortnite: What We Know So Far

As far as Fortnite players can tell so far, the Harpoon Gun works like an upgraded version of the fishing pole already in the game. Rather than wait for a fish to bite at their lure, players can fire the Harpoon Gun into a school of fish and catch loot immediately.

The item pool for fishing with the Harpoon Gun seems the same as it was with the Fishing Pole.

The Harpoon Gun can also be used as a weapon, dealing 75 damage to an enemy player and pulling them toward you or 150 damage to structures. It holds 10 uses.

Exactly how common the Harpoon Gun is, or where players can loot it, remains unknown.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games