Haunted Chocolatier Release Date Information

Haunted Chocolatier
Haunted Chocolatier / Photo courtesy of ConcernedApe

Players are wondering if there is an expected release date for Haunted Chocolatier.

Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's newest development, Haunted Chocolatier, looks similar to his previous work on Stardew Valley. After working on Stardew Valley for 10 years, Barone has begun work on a brand new project. Given the success of the farming sim, it's safe to assume Haunted Chocolatier will be a highly anticipated release.

Are you wondering if there is a release date for Haunted Chocolatier? Here's the information that we have so far.

Is There a Release Date for Haunted Chocolatier?

At the time of writing, there is no release date set for Haunted Chocolatier.

Barone wrote in a blog post, "Please understand that it will be a while before this game is done. I'm going to be working on it as much as I can, though." Written in 2021, this is the last statement regarding the timeline of Haunted Chocolatier.

Passionate fans must remain patient for the time being, though we suspect that it'll be worth it in the end. It's been confirmed that there will be returning mechanics, allowing players to interact with neighbors and gather items to advance through the game.

In the meantime, Barone is expected to continue posting gameplay footage on his Twitter. The dev has been providing updates every once in a while of new videos and screenshots of the upcoming game. By teasing information like this, players are guaranteed to stay engaged until its release.

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