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Havelok Location AC Valhalla: How to Find Him

Havelok Location AC Valhalla: How to Find Him
Havelok Location AC Valhalla: How to Find Him / Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft

The Havelok location in AC Valhalla is essential to know in order to complete the game and assassinate every target. Havelock, or as he is otherwise known  “The Billhook” is a member of The Order of the Ancients, a group that can be discovered and eliminated through a series of challenging investigation quests. Here’s how to complete Havelok’s.

Havelok Location AC Valhalla

Havelok’s location in AC Valhalla will only be revealed after some investigation. The Order of the Ancients is a group that prides itself on mystery and secrecy. This means that finding one of their members is not an easy task. However, with the proper information, it becomes trivial and straightforward.

First players must discover The Billhook’s identity. Before he is revealed to be Havelok, he will only be known to players as The Billhook. Discovering The Billhook’s identity is done by slaying Eanbhert the Bellum in Glowecestrescire. Looting his body will reveal the first clue in the quest, leading players to the second.

The clue will point players to Aelfgarstun Farm, this leg of the quest is fairly simple. Look for a wooden barrel, inside of the barrel will be a hidden scroll that will reveal the true identity of Havelok.

After this, the only step left is to assassinate Havelok. He can be found at his house in Lincolnshire. He is unguarded and should be an easy target to take down. After this, players can move on to any of the other Order members, of which there are more than 20.