Heart Lake Fortnite: Where to Find the Lake

Heart Lake Fortnite: The Perfect In-Game Getaway
Heart Lake Fortnite: The Perfect In-Game Getaway / Photo By Epic Games

Heart Lake in Fortnite is the best place to sit by the water, enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves, and catch a few fish with a friend or loved one.

The Fortnite Season 4 - Week 10 Challenges are out now, and there is not a better way to earn XP than hanging out and catching some fish at Heart Lake. Heart Lake is located in the elevated, Stark Industries area. It is hard to miss the giant body of water in the northeast part of the map.

After locating the lake, it is time to find a fishing pole. Usually, fishing poles are fairly common and are located within barrels on docks surrounding the bodies of water around the map. A harpoon will also do the trick, they are generally more uncommon to pick up compared to the fishing pole.

Heart Lake Fortnite: The Perfect In-Game Getaway

Once properly equipped, cast the line into any of the floating circles in the water. These circles let players know there is a hungry school of fish eager to lock onto the hook. Then just kick back, relax and wait for a bite, and then you are on your way towards completing the challenge.

After catching seven fish, the challenge is complete and the player will earn 25,000 XP.

The level of difficulty for this challenge is relatively low, with the only setbacks being if the fishing holes do not spawn in or run out before you can collect all seven fish.

Outside of completing a Week 10 challenge, there are a few more positives that come with landing at Heart Lake. It is a peaceful environment, and a good way to reset the mood if the games are going downhill for the day. The abundance of wood will have players fully equipped to battle if they choose to head into Stark Industries, or the easy rotation to Steamy Stacks to loot up and then rotate with the stacks provides players with the opportunity to avoid the chaos in Stark Industries.