Heartseeker Jinx Skin Splash Art, Price, Rarity, Release Date, How to Get

Heartseeker Jinx celebrates Valentine's Day with plenty of pink
Heartseeker Jinx celebrates Valentine's Day with plenty of pink / Riot Games

The Heartseeker Jinx skin hit the Public Beta Environment in the first League of Legends Patch 10.3 PBE update. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Heartseeker Jinx Skin

The Heartseeker skin line celebrates Valentine's Day by dressing League of Legends' champions up in pink and red regalia, covering them with hearts to reinforce the love theme. Previous entries in the line include Ashe, Fiora, Lucian, Orianna, Quinn, Varus, Vayne and Vi.

Heartseeker Jinx Splash Art

Heartseeker Jinx splash art
Heartseeker Jinx splash art / Riot Games

Heartseeker Jinx's splash art shows the mischievous champion at her most infectiously happy. Her hair is pink, as is much of her outfit. Her usual short shorts and top are swapped out for a frilly dress.

Heartseeker Jinx Price

Heartseeker Jinx's price is set at 1,350 RP.

Heartseeker Jinx Release Date

Heartseeker Jinx has no official release date as yet, but will arrive in League of Legends Patch 10.3.

How to Get Heartseeker Jinx

Heatseeker Jinx will be available through the League of Legends shop.