Heartthrob Vi Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

League of Legends released the Lunar Revel event just a couple weeks ago, which included the Mythmaker skin line. The event rewards will also have Lunar Guardian and Lunar Emperor/Empress skins that will be available tomorrow on Jan. 26.

Not wasting any time, Riot has already announced a few more skins that will be released soon. The skin line is Heartache/Heartthrob and will belong to Vi, Caitlyn, and Amumu.

Heartthrob Vi Skin Splash Art

As of right now, the only official splash art released for these skins is Heartache Amumu. The skins for Vi and Caitlyn are meant to encapsulate the feelings they have for each other within the game's lore. This article will be updated with the splash art once it is officially released.

Heartthrob Vi Skin Price

Although there is not an official price listed for the Heartthrob Vi skin, it is safe to assume that it will cost 1,350 RP because that is typical for most skins.

Heartthrob Vi Skin Release Date

As this skin features heavy elements that incorporate Valentine's Day, the release date for Heartthrob Vi will be alongside Patch 13.3 on Feb. 8.

How to get Heartthrob Vi in League of Legends

Sometimes players can acquire skins by using chests and keys, but it is highly unlikely to get a specific skin from this process. Therefore, the best way to get Heartthrob Vi in a timely fashion is to purchase RP from the League of Legends store and get it directly from there.