Heatmor Pokemon GO: How to Find

Heatmor Pokemon GO is one of the new Pokemon from Unova you can find. The third week of the Ultra Bonus gives us the first wave of Pokemon that first appeared in Black/White. Heatmor is rather unique, in that only some players will be able to catch it.

Heatmor Pokemon GO: How to Find

Heatmor will be a region exclusive for the Western Hemisphere. That means Heatmor can only be found in the Americas. Unfortunately, if you're not on this half of the world, you won't be able to catch Heatmor under normal conditions.

Heatmor is a Fire type Pokemon that can learn the Electric type Thunder Punch and Fighting type Power-Up Punch. Being an anteater, it can also learn Lick as a Quick move. However, Heatmor in Pokemon GO cannot learn its signature move Fire Lash.

In the lore of the games, Heatmor preys on Durant by melting the ant's metal shell and feasting upon its innards. Luckily for Durant, Heatmor lives on the other side of the globe, as Durant is exclusive to the Eastern Hemisphere. Heatmor will just have to go hungry for now.

Photo courtesy of GAMEFREAK and Niantic.