Herbalism Tool and Accessory Guide in Dragonflight

Blizzard, Screenshot by Nathan Fusco

As with all professions in Dragonflight, Blizzard has done an extensive job of adding depth to the once boring aspect of the game. Even in Vanilla, professions weren't exactly interesting, they were simply more grindy, giving something for players to work on through the entire expansion.

As modern World of Warcraft evolved into a more casual friendly place, professions became an after thought for many or a simple way to make gold. The complexity wasn't there. And while Dragonflight doesn't overcomplicate professions, there new additions that make professions fun and worth trying out as the weeks pass by.

One of the key additions is the tool system. Players will now have equipment that will give them bonuses to their specific professions, helping them gather or create. Here is the best tools for Herbalism and how to get them.

Herbalism Tool and Accessory Guide in Dragonflight


These are the only tools you can earn at the moment. The Draconium is a green-level item meaning you can purchase it from the auction house as the item has to be made by a blacksmith. So too does the Khaz'gorite one, but since it's a rare level and soulbound, players will have to make a crafting order. And that's entirely dependent on a blacksmith having that recipe. It's currently locked behind Valdrakken Accord Renown level 18. So there's a good chance no one has the recipe yet.


The same rule applies to the accessories. The Wildercloth Gardening Hat and Floral Basket are both green levels and you can buy them off the auction house. The first is made by a tailor and the second by a Leatherworker. The Master Wildercloth is locked behind a Valdrakken Accord Renown level 19 reward.

  • Wildercloth Gardening Hat
  • Master's Wildercloth Gardening Hat

The Lavish Floral Pack is locked behind a Iskaara Tuskarr Renown level 18 reward.

  • Floral Basket
  • Lavish Floral Pack